i-email services provides easy-to-use email broadcasting capabilities that even the most non-technical professional can use to send out their email campaigns. Using a high speed, highly secured web-based interface, i-email services allows small to medium sized businesses, or individual business professionals, to affordably build relationships with their contact list.

i-email services Features:

  • Intuitive user interface (UI)-with a step-by-step wizard process
  • Test Email Capabilities-see what it looks like to the recipient before you send
  • Document Attachments-send attachments up to 50k in size
  • Personalization-add a salutation and name to the beginning of each mail
  • Multiple Email formats-send either customized text or a dynamic HTML format message
  • Automatic Email list validation-attach your comma delimited file (up to 5,000 contacts*) directly from your desktop
  • High speed, high capacity mailing servers-with high security for your corporate information, SSL, and login
  • Web-based interface for any time any place access-nothing to download or install

To get started TODAY, or for a FREE Trial, please use our online sign-up form, download and fax the form to 425-837-8820, or call 425-837-8816.

What i-email services Customers Think:

“Working with small to medium sized companies has made us very aware of the need to have an easy-to-use and cost-effective way of distributing email campaigns. “i-email services allow companies with limited budgets to send their emails themselves through a professional tool, instead of using Outlook, at a cost they can afford.”
Shannon Kavanaugh, president and COO of Go-To-Market Strategies.

“The i-emailservices.com interface is intuitive and easy to use and makes it pretty straightforward for me to create a well thought out and targeted marketing campaign. It cuts down on much of the work needed when sending an email marketing campaign. Now, I can focus on my customers needs and leave the technical side of mail distribution to your product.”
Steve Allott, Managing Director, ElectroMind Limited